Joel Pasternack has run 110,000 lifetime miles

Joel Pasternack
Clifton, NJ
DOB: 8-07-1950
from Joel Pasternack: I have been running for 43 years, from 1969 to 1985 with Tom Fleming. I just recently went over the 110,000 mile mark. I placed 53rd in the 1972 Boston Marathon, and ran my best, 2:25:03, at Boston in 1974 for 28th place. I also placed 25th in the first five-boro NYC Marathon in 1976. I currently run about 40 miles at week at 8:40 to 9:20 pace. I have a collection of 600 VHS and DVDs about running and races. I met Geoff Smith at a running camp recently, and learned that someone had borrowed his tape of the New York City race he lost to Rod Dixon, and never returned it. So I was able to make Geoff a copy of that tape.