Joel Pasternak has reached 120,000 miles (March 26, 2013)

Joel Pasternack
Clifton, NJ
DOB: 8-07-1950
here's some new info for my biography. i have been running for 47 and a half years. on march 6th i reached 120,000 miles. my everyday streak just hit 3000 days on march 16th which is 8years and 5 months. my minimum per day is 3 miles. by best marathon was back in 1974 at boston placing 28th in 2:25.03. i returned in 1975 with a nice tail wind an d deeper competition and placed 67th in 2:26.07. my training partner tom fleming ran 2:12.04 that year for 4th. in the 1st nyc 5-boro 26.2 race i placed 25th in 2:27.37. being on the same stage as bill rodgers, frank shorter,ron hill, and chris stewart to name a few. spending alot of time these days running at goddard park and brown university visiting my daughter and granddaughter in warwick.