Dave McGillivray has 127,000 lifetime miles

Dave McGillivray
North Andover, MA
DOB: 8-22-54
Started running when I was 12 years old...1966 (averaged about 20 miles a week in the 60's). First marathon completed when I was 18 (Boston). Have finished everyone I started by my first (Boston when I was 17).
In the 70's, I was averaging 80 miles a week. My real BIG years were from 1973 to 1990. I was obsessed...more was better.
During my training for my cross country and journey type runs, the mileage was more like 100-140 miles a week. I use to run home from college a lot - Merrimack to Medford.
Of course, during the cross country run and up the east coast run it was over 300 miles a week.
In the 80's and 90's my mileage was approx. 65-70 miles a week. I was actually running close to 20-30 miles "a day" (3 splits) when I was training for my 24-hour run in 1980...before work, lunch time and when I got home...not much of a life then, I know.
In the 2000's, it has dropped to an average of 30 miles a week.
I run approximately 6 days a week, consistently and have all my life. Never have taken any extended time off.
So, total is approximately :
1966-1969 = 4,000
1970-1979 = 43,000 (just 1978 was about 8,500 -- 3,452 just from 6/11 to 8/29)
1980-1989 = 35,000
1990-1999 = 30,000
2000-2008 = 15,000 (big decline as you can see)
Total = 127,000. So, I reached 100,000 somewhere in 1997 or so...thus I was around 43.