Patrick Albregts reached 100,000 miles on March 14, 2023

Patrick Albregts

Currently reside in Queen Creek, AZ and Minocqua, WI (depending on which has better running weather)

Born October, 1958   


My first running experience was on my Junior High School track team in 1970.  I ran a 5:13 mile at age 13, which to this day remains my PR.  When I graduated from college I became a recreational runner for almost 20 years.  Despite running, over the years I gained weight, so to lose it, in my early 40’s I trained for and ran my first marathon. 

Over the next 15 years I ran 31 marathons and one ultra.  I also ran countless half marathons and 10K’s.  I qualified twice for Boston and earned my Six Star World Marathon Major medal by completing the Tokyo Marathon in 2017.  At the time, there were only about 1,200 Six Star finishers.  I have run on 6 continents and in over 50 foreign countries including, South Africa, Brazil, Egypt, Russia, China, Jordan, Peru, Australia, India, Thailand and Viet Nam to name a few.

My marathon PR is 3:35, my half marathon PR 1:33 and my 10K PR 38:30.  It took me 26 years to run my first 50,000 miles and 14 years to run the last 50,000.  If there were two words to describe me, it would be “slow” and “steady”.  I’m guessing that describes a lot of us in the golden years of our running.

Now that I have hit 100,000 miles, I will wake up tomorrow morning and do the only thing I know to do- go for a run.

Craig Davidson has reached 219,280 miles (Dec 31, 2022)

Craig Davidson
Phoenix, AZ
DOB: 12-17-1953 
An update from Craig Davidson at the end of 2022

2022 miles: 1,700
Streak  #1:  41 years, 5 months:  210,901
Streak  #2:  568  days:  4,379
Streak # 3:  343 days and counting:  1,651 (as of Jan 9 2023)
Lifetime miles:  219,280 (as of 12/31/2022)
$$$ found 2022: $128.37, lifetime total: $10,667.78

2022 was my lowest mileage year since I started running.  Due to the series of strokes I had from Jan 31 to March 6, I didn't start running again til April 25 & then it was very slow for the next month.  I'm back to running 40-45 a week, but it has been a struggle.  

I'm just so grateful that I'm able to come back.  I'm running the Rock and Roll Phoenix 1/2 this Sunday (Jan 15) and the plan is to survive it. My goal is to run LA marathon in March as my last marathon, as I missed it last year. 

Previously from Craig:

Craig Davidson has reached 207,823 miles (Jan. 31, 2018)

I hit the 200K lifetime running miles at the Whiskey Row Marathon on May 2, 2015.  Last February I surpassed 200K lifetime "steak miles" at the Runner's Den 10K February 7, 2016.  

As of January 31, 2017 my lifetime running miles stands at 205,027 & 202,614 "streak miles."  My running streak started November 5, 1978. If all goes as planned, I'll be reaching 14K consecutive days March 4, 2017.  Now the key is to stay healthy!

The "official" countdown has begun. 200 to 200. Hit 199,800 running miles this AM. The plan is to hit the 200,000 milestone at the Whiskey Row Marathon May 2 in Prescott, Arizona. It will be my 28th consecutive Marathon there & my 30th time running the event (I ran the 1/2 twice). It's been a long "run" since that first 3 miles on November 1, 1977... 

Next up on the list will be 200,000 lifetime running "streak miles" (had 2,413 B4 the streak started on 11/5/78). Here is my mileage update through 12/31/2011. I also have a consecutive day running streak that dates to 11/05/1978 that includes 186,387 miles. I have a marathon PR of 2:28:14 (1982) and a 50-mile PR of 5:37:23 (1986). 

I am a "Legacy Runner" at the Los Angeles Marathon, having run all 23 L.A. Marathons to date. I'm not too thrilled about the L.A. date change this year, as it will cause me to miss the Palos Verdes Marathon that I have run 16 years in a row. On May 2 I am running the Whiskey Row Marathon in Prescott, AZ, for the 22nd time, and I didn't think it would be too wise to run 3 marathons in one month! I have worked for more than 20 years at The Runner's Den shoe store in Phoenix. The Arizona Republic featured me in an article last year.

Michael John Schlater ran his 100,000th mile on October 21, 2022

Michael John Schlater

Brownsville, Texas

DOB: January, 1967
I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and attended Carroll High School. Ran track and cross country, earning 8 varsity letters. I began recording mileage on February 23, 1981.

Attended General Motors Institute in Flint, Michigan on academic scholarship. Educated as Electrical / Manufacturing Engineer and a MSMM in Engineering Management.

Went to Matamoros, Mexico In March, 1988 for 3 month work assignment and have been there ever since. I have worked for same company (APTIV) during entire 37 year career and have never missed a scheduled workday

Self-coached for many years, running in numerous local road races in Rio Grande Valley area:

Personal bests:
        1 mile        4:20
        2 miles      9:28
        3 miles     14:21
        5k             14:52
        5 miles      25:41
        10k           32:07

I also ran 4:43 mile as a 41 year old Master and 4:58 at age 48.

I have missed only 8 days of running since 1985, and own a current streak of running at least 5k per day since September 12, 2001, meaning that the last day missed was the 9/11/2001 where work responsibilities did not allow a run that day.

I have coached cross-country and track at Saint Joseph Academy in Brownsville, Texas since 2008, and run with the student-athletes during every practice.


W.F. Newhall III has reached 100,157 miles (Dec 18, 2022)

W.F. Newhall, III

1980 photo
Marblehead, MA

DOB: April, 1958


This September will mark 50 years of running for me. I estimate I have gone on 16,285 runs over the course of the past 49 years and 4 months. I think it’s a fair and conservative estimate that I averaged 6.15 miles on those 16,285 runs. That puts me at approximately 100,157.75 miles, four times around the planet. Here are the highlights of my first 50 years of running, first several of my personal bests, then several "honors."

5k-14:26; 10k-29:50; ,25k-1:18:56; 


2007-Springfield College Athletic Hall of Fame
1996-Swampscott High School Athletic Hall of Fame
1984-USATF New England 25k champion
1980-NCAA Division II All American for 10000m
1979-NCAA Division II Northeast Regional Cross Country champion
1976-MIAA Class C 2 mile state champion
1975-Massachusetts All State Cross Country team
1971-Swampscott Junior High School earned letter S for outdoor track

Since 2018 I have been coaching cross country, indoor and outdoor track at Swampscott High School.

Dave Foley ran his 100,000th mile on October 8, 2022

Dave Foley

Cadillac, Michigan                                      

DOB: Feb 1947


I am 75 years old. 

Ran track and cross country at South High school (1963-65) in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Began recording mileage January 1975 at my home in Cadillac, MI in preparation for my first roadrace.

Ran more than 300 road races including 20 marathons (2:25:10 personal best) and two 50-milers (5:39 best which was state record for a brief time.)10K best 31:58, 20K 1:05:44, 25K 1:22:54.

A junior high teacher (1974-2003) I began running the 5.8 daily commute to school in 1977. Both ways, 10.6 miles, until mid-1990s.

Then finished teaching career at Cadillac Junior High just running to school.

Varsity cross country coach at Cadillac High for 27 years (1977-2003). Distance coach for varsity track (1977-1986). Junior head track coach (1994 – 2003).

Inducted into Michigan Interscholastic Track and Cross Country Association 2015

Competed 7 years as canoe racer. 2 top ten finishes in National Marathon Canoe Championships 1989 , 1990 .

Finished 15 triathlons winning 2, cross country ski raced for 7 years, and raced on snowshoes for 20 years.

Member of Michigan adidas Racing team 1982-87.

Editor of Michigan Runner 1986-1999.

Ran in 28 states and 10 foreign countries.

Farthest north - above Arctic Circle

Farthest south – Ecuador

Highest elevation – 13,000 feet on Everest Trail in Nepal.

Coldest run minus 32 degrees F.

Encountered 2 bears. Both ran away.

Bitten by dogs on 3 occasions.