Carolyn Mather ran 7921 miles in 2018.

Here's an update from Carolyn Mather, who we believe has run more miles than any other woman. As you'll see below, she now has a lifetime total of 217,942 miles.

We also want to note that in December, Carolyn won her age group (70-74) at the USATF National Club Championships in cross-country. 
Despite my best efforts I ran way too much in 2018. It seems to be the only way I can manage missing my dear husband, but I have made a resolution to cut it at least in half in 2019. The main motivation is that I am not getting faster and an average of 20 plus miles a day is now taking up too much of my waking time. I need to do other things besides run. 

With that said my total for the year was a crazy 7921. I truly promise this was my swan song year for so many miles. That brings my lifetime total to 217942. I am hoping to get to at least a quarter of a million if I live long enough but not any time too soon. 

That makes eight years over 7000 in the past 13 years. It is also my highest total of any year so it is a good time to say goodbye to high mileage.

Here's Carolyn's full Profile page:

Reggie Moore has reached 100,723 lifetime miles (Jan.1, 2019)

Reggie Moore
Naperville, Ill.
DOB: Aug, 1958
My name is Reggie Moore, age 60 from Naperville, Illinois.  On September 23, 2018, I crossed 100,000 lifetime miles.This fall started my 44th year of full time running which began in my senior of high school cross country,  through four years at Bridgewater College, Virginia (Cross Country and Indoor/Outdoor Track) and then on to a lifetime of running.     

Through my 43 years of running,  I have averaged in excess of 2,300 miles a year running all but a small handful of days each year (0-5 days). During my peak years in my 30s,  I was running over 3,000 miles a year while actively training for 2-3 marathons a year. For the past two years including 2018,  I exceeded 2,500 miles at ages 59 and 60. I have been blessed and fortunate to have a strong body that can withstand daily running with no serious injuries throughout my running career. 

Highlighting several running accomplishments:

  1. 18 of 26 marathons under 3:00,   5 under 2:50,   best marathon of 2:46:17 at Twin Cities Marathon in 1995.
  2. Best marathon moment:   1996 Boston Marathon (100th),   saw Bill Rodgers passing me at top of Heartbreak Hill and ended up tying Bill to the second in a clock time a 2:53.   My net time was faster.    Relayed my dream story to him in person. 
  3. Some running Personal Bests:   5K:  16:38,  10K: 34:52,  Half Marathon:  1:17:12,  25K:  1:32.20.    My 5K, 25K and Marathon bests were all within a span of 6 weeks at age 37.  
  4. Been fortunate to have run with or have tied my running heroes that got me inspired/started:   Bill Rodgers (tied at 1996 Boston), Frank Shorter (solo training run),  and Francie Larrieu Smith (tied at 1996 Peachtree 10K). 

While not at an elite level,  I have been blessed to have had a full and productive running career and have no plans of letting up in my 60s.  

Terrell Worley reached 100,000 miles on July 26, 2018

Terrell Worley
Rancho Cucamonga CA
DOB: 7-1960

Today I hit exactly 100,000 miles run in my 39th year of running. I began running on January 1st, 1980, when I was 19 years old while in the Air Force (1978-1982) stationed in Arkansas.  I did not keep a log that first year of running but have kept a hard copy log every year since. I estimate I ran about 1,000 miles in 1980, but I do not count it in my lifetime total since it was not logged. I ran a lot of 10K's in the early 80's and a few 5K's with PR's of 34:47 and 16:52. I have run 17 official marathons with my first in January, 1984, at age 23....a 3:03:03. My most recent marathon was in 2011 at age 51....a 3:35. I ran 8 sub-3-hour marathons from age 33 to 39 and also a 3:01 and a 3:02 during that period.  I tend to be a streak runner. 

[Terrell reached 100,739 total miles in early Nov., 2018.]

09/05/82 - 02/28/84.     542 days. 7.92 average
08/03/90 - 03/27/93.     968 days.   8.62 average
04/03/93 - 11/21/01.   3,155 days.    8.62 average 
05/05/02 - 06/10/10.   2,959 days.  9.82 average 
06/18/10 - 04/29/12.      682 days.   9.0 average 
05/23/12 - 09/06/13.      472 days.    8.46 average 
12/32/15 - 07/26/18.      939 days.    7.00 average

Years totals:
4,000-plus miles = 2
3,000-4,000 miles = 21
2,000-3,000 miles = 9
1,000-2,000 miles = 2
My PR for most miles in a year is 4,184.2 miles run at age 47.
The last three years I have maintained my mileage at about 2,600 a year.

John Treleaven reached 100,000 miles on Oct. 28, 2018

John Treleaven
Asheville NC
D.O.B March, 1952
It all started about 40 years ago with a visit to the doctor. I was told
"I should have bought the
extended warranty."
I had high blood pressure and 
would need to take medication. I told him give me six months and the running began. I decided the side effects of running(seeing wonderful places, meeting amazing people, increased energy and weight loss) seemed far better than those of medication(insert those from TV adds here). I started keeping track on Jan 1 1979 so I reached 100,000 just short of 40 years. I actually have 40 years of old fashion log books so it
is very anally documented. 

Shortly after I began running I got in with the RIGHT crowd and began competing in races from the mile to the marathon. I have since run 21 marathons and I am trying to do at least one every decade of my life, starting in my 20s. Luckily I have a very supportive family who have seen me do some pretty crazy runs at all times of the day and night. I never ran in HS or college so everything was figured out on my own, but looking back I sure wish I had. The most important thing I learned is that the human body can do amazing things if you just ask. 

Now my biggest problem is what to put on my ROADID since it has had “100,000 Miles or Bust” on it for about approx 15 years. A good day running trumps all!! Well almost, since my wife and kids may read this.

5K 16:43
10K 34:33
Half marathon 1:18:40
Marathon 2:47:38

Lauren Estilow Siegel reached 100,000 miles (June 16, 2018)

Lauren Estilow Siegel
Elkins Park PA
DOB: Feb. 1960

I hit my 100,000th mile on June 16, and am really excited to join this list of amazing athletes. Life is good when you can start each day with a run.

I began running in May, 1975, after my expected career as a professional ballet dancer was cut short due to a knee injury. Funny how I have never had a knee problem from running! I continued to run and race throughout three pregnancies, caring for a Special Needs daughter, and life’s ups and downs. I ran six days a week until October, 1999, when the demands of caring for my youngest daughter became so intense that I added a seventh day. Running was the only thing that kept me sane! 

I have always enjoyed racing, and while I may not be as fast as I was in my 20’s, I still place well in my Age Group. I have run hundreds of races from 5k to the Marathon in the last 43 years. My best race was a Philadelphia Broad Street Run 10 Mile in 1981 when I ran 66:10. My marathon best was a 3:25 back in the days of no gels, or modern technology.  No more times like those, but I have just as much fun now. I appreciate every mile. 

Lately I’ve been running Track, but it’s just for fun, I’m not competitive in Track like I am in Road and Distance Running. I usually run about 60 miles a week, with two or three days of strength training also. 

Streaking for the last 18 years has helped me reach my 100k miles goal, but I have no intention of stopping my Streak anytime soon. I’m the number 8 Female on the United Streak Running Association list, and I’m proud to be on both the 100k Miles and the USRSA Lists. 

Any day that you get to run is a gift! Happy running!