Dave Foley ran his 100,000th mile on October 8, 2022

Dave Foley

Cadillac, Michigan                                      

DOB: Feb 1947


I am 75 years old. 

Ran track and cross country at South High school (1963-65) in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Began recording mileage January 1975 at my home in Cadillac, MI in preparation for my first roadrace.

Ran more than 300 road races including 20 marathons (2:25:10 personal best) and two 50-milers (5:39 best which was state record for a brief time.)10K best 31:58, 20K 1:05:44, 25K 1:22:54.

A junior high teacher (1974-2003) I began running the 5.8 daily commute to school in 1977. Both ways, 10.6 miles, until mid-1990s.

Then finished teaching career at Cadillac Junior High just running to school.

Varsity cross country coach at Cadillac High for 27 years (1977-2003). Distance coach for varsity track (1977-1986). Junior head track coach (1994 – 2003).

Inducted into Michigan Interscholastic Track and Cross Country Association 2015

Competed 7 years as canoe racer. 2 top ten finishes in National Marathon Canoe Championships 1989 , 1990 .

Finished 15 triathlons winning 2, cross country ski raced for 7 years, and raced on snowshoes for 20 years.

Member of Michigan adidas Racing team 1982-87.

Editor of Michigan Runner 1986-1999.

Ran in 28 states and 10 foreign countries.

Farthest north - above Arctic Circle

Farthest south – Ecuador

Highest elevation – 13,000 feet on Everest Trail in Nepal.

Coldest run minus 32 degrees F.

Encountered 2 bears. Both ran away.

Bitten by dogs on 3 occasions.

Michael Tobin reached 100,000 miles on May 15, 2022

Michael Tobin

Staten Island, NY

DOB:  3/9/1957
When I was a kid I always loved running and biking.  In the 1970s I started doing local road races and in 1991 began my running log.  In my log I note the weather, where I ran, if I ran with anyone and anything unusual that may have happened that day.  When I ran a race I would record the location of the race, time and pace on the back of the bib.

Long distance running has been an adventure and I’ve enjoyed every step along the way.  With the support of my wife Kathy, my two children, along with my running club, Broadway Ultra Society, on May 15, 2022 I was extremely fortunate to have completed my 100,000 logged mile. My best year was 5,500 miles and to date I have completed 179 marathons and ultra marathons. My PR for the marathon is 3:20 at the New York City Marathon in ‘97 which I ran 19 times.  I have run several hundred milers - including Vermont 100 which I finished in 24:23, and other hundred milers put on by the Broadway Ultra Society.  It is an honor to be included on this list.  Healthy running and on to the next 100K !!

Mark Bowman hit 100,000 miles on June 27, 2022

Mark Bowman Joliet, IL DOB: November 7, 1954


I’ve run 364 races including 34 marathons and 94 ultras. My PR in the marathon is 2:56:21. My 50 mile PR is 7:50:15. And my

PR in the 100 mile is 19:00:50 at the Don Rossi 100 which was the only race I have ever won in my life.

I hit 100,000 miles on June 27, 2022 and got to run with a couple of my runners that I had coached, and a fellow coach. We celebrated with shots of Jack Daniels. 

I’ve always liked to run and bicycle from an early age, running around our subdivision in Lemont, IL to see and play with friends. It wasn’t until my sophomore year in at Lemont High School that I was introduced to a formal running program. This was after a fall of attempting to become a football player. Stayed with it for the whole season, but never got to play a down. And a winter playing basketball. The year was 1970. I had had enough of football, and was planning on cross-country the next fall, so I joined the track team that spring. 

This was when I started to track my running. I continued through the remaining years of high school, running cross-country and track. It was on to Illinois State University where I just ran sporadically through my 4 years there. But I kept my running log during this time even though there was not a very big accumulation of miles. I met my wife at Illinois State and we were married in July, 1976. 

That was when I started to run a little bit more. I also discovered road races soon after. I was fortunate in that the following year the Chicago Marathon began and I was determined that I would be at it. I had no idea how to train for it and hit the wall head-on very hard. At one point, I thought I would have to be carried in, but eventually I recovered and did finish (4:15:45). Remember, there was no internet at this time. 

I soon found Runner’s World magazine which gave me some idea on how to prepare and my marathon and other races improved. The main characteristic of my running during those early years was I only ran from spring to fall. I didn’t run through the winter. I did not like the cold (I still really don’t). From 1977 to 1989, I only reached 1000 miles for a year once, but the miles were over only 6 or 7 months. I was only in my thirties, but I was beginning to feel how hard it was to start from scratch each spring and made up my mind that I had to at least do some running all year long. 

This resulted in my first 2000+ year in 1990. I have not run less than 2000 miles since which is now 32 straight years. When I turned 40, I decided I needed a challenge and decided to run 40 miles for my 40th. This was revelatory in that although it was the longest I had run it was one of my easiest recoveries. This was because I was running much slower than usual. After a marathon, the next couple of days all I would be able to manage was what I called the death shuffle. The day after the 40 miles, I ran ten miles pretty comfortably. This turned me on to ultras, especially on trails. 

Since then I have had 8 years over 3000 miles interspersed within the 2000+ years. It’s been a long journey. Things have changed over the years, particular with my tracking tools. The first couple years it was on ordinary notebooks. Then for 3 or 4 years I used Jim Fixx’s Book of Running Log. Finally, I transferred the data to an Apple IIe computer, then to a Macintosh, and finally to a PC. I didn’t try to transfer all the data in those early years, just the yearly totals. But I have kept all the yearly details since the Mac. I wasn’t really a streak runner, but I am in a current streak of over 1000 days in a row of at least two miles a day.

Brad Kautz reached 111,111.1 miles in late April 2022

Brad Kautz                                    

Dulce, NM
DOB: August 1, 1957
My running career began on October 1, 1978, while I was in the US Navy and stationed on the USS Nimitz, homeported in Norfolk, VA. At the age of 21, and with a history of running intermittently since graduating from high school, that was the day I went for a run of 3 miles and then wrote it down in a log. I didn’t realize it at the time but it was the activity of keeping a record of my running that moved me from “jogger” to “runner.”

I’ve been keeping track ever since, and as of the end of October, 2021, I have recorded
a lifetime total of 109,793.0 miles, reaching the 100K mark in December of 2018. I am a
streak runner, thanks to the influence of my long-time running partner Steve DeBoer.
My longest streak of at least one mile a day was 2,721 days. Two of the hardest single
runs of the past 41 years were my one attempt at doing a 100 mile run, which was
successful, and the mile I needed to keep my streak the next day. Steve was present for
both of these runs and that slow, painful mile was entirely legit.

I have had good years and not so good years. During my highly competitive period,
from 1984 through 1996, I ran 4000+ miles three times, with an all-time yearly high of
4,446.6 miles in 1995. The leanest year was 2004, with 711.0 miles. An upside of the
pandemic was reaching 4,105.1 miles in 2020. I’m on track to reach 3,000+ for 2021
and think I may cut back markedly in 2022, as increasing age is making higher mileage
less fun.

In 41 years I’ve run 544 races, ranging from the half mile, once, to the 100 mile, once.
The marathon has been my favorite distance, completing my 64 th at my Boston debut in
October, 2021. I’ve been under 2:30 seven times, with a PR of 2:25:40 at Grandma’s in
1993. It was the last PR I ever ran at any distance and I find it fitting that it was at what
I’ve always considered to be, mile for mile, my best day at a race.

It has been my pleasure to have won a number of races, mostly between 1984-1995.
One of my most favorite, and surprising wins, was the only marathon victory, coming at
the Warrior Run, a small marathon in the NE Arizona desert, where at age 57 and at
mile-marker 22, I passed the man who had a 13 minute lead on me at the halfway point.
Pushing myself to prevent a collapse and being caught by the man in third place I
wound up passing the leader instead. I followed that fond memory up two months later
by obliterating my marathon PW, which had stood for unchallenged for 31 years.
Since leaving the US Navy in 1980 I’ve lived and run most of my miles in Milwaukee,
WI, August, 1980 to August, 1986, Rochester, MN, August, 1986 to August, 2013, and
Dulce, NM, from August, 2013 to the present.

For 41 years running has provided many memories, good and otherwise, and many
friends, all of whom are remembered fondly. It is a pleasure to write this reflection and
be included in this particular group.

Camille Herron reached 100,000 miles on April 7, 2022

Here's an article about Camille, likely the youngest female runner to reach 100,000 miles ... though we don't have good records on stuff like this.

Herron won the 2017 Comrades Marathon
in South Africa
Camille is also a multi world record holder in ultra marathon running. Even more amazing: She is always smiling and giggling. What gives with that? Well, it's a breath of fresh air in our serious runners' crowd.