Walter Murphy has run about 110,000 lifetime miles

Walter Murphy
Boxboro, MA
DOB: 11-30-1953
Started running in high school in 1969. Relatively low mileage during my high school years except going into my senior year I was running 10 miles per day that summer (inspired by S.I.'s article on Prefontaine.) Didn't keep a log until I jonined the Greater Boston Track Club in late 1976. Started running big mileage during the late 70's and early 80's (100 plus per week - biggest year was 1980 where I averaged 15 miles per day). Had good success in the New England area at local road races. Best 10K of 30:28 - best marathon 2:23:10. Ran Boston 10 times with a PR for that course of 2:26 in 1981. Mileage tapered off in the early 90's to 2000 averaging around 3000 per year. Currently running around 45 to 50 miles per week (when not injured) plus cross training a lot.