Reno Stirrat has run 132,448 miles (through May 09)

Reno Stirrat
Boston, MA
DOB: 4-19-1955 (Boston Marathon race date)
From Reno Stirrat: I'm a babe compared to some but have put in my share of miles: 132,448. I heard you are also looking at 5 decades of sub 3 hour marathoners. I would fair well with that group having a slowest of 2:44 since 1979. My fastest is a 2:19 in 1979. Started running in 1970 as a 440 runner, freshman in HS. Havent stopped since then. I like to say my wife and I are the fastest 50 year old couple in the country. Recently we ran a 5 miler in 28:42, me (55), and 37:39, Susan (53).

I began my life as a runner in 1970 as 440 runner my freshman year of high school. Heck football players don't do distance. Little did I know I would never ever weigh over 140 pounds soaking wet. My next year I did cross country and never looked back. Running is like brushing my teeth if I don't do it I feel the fuzzes. Now that I'm 55, each and every run is so very special and has me wanting even more. Races are more fun then ever especially shocking the young kids when they wonder who the old guy is in front of them. I love competitiveness, its a high that doesn't fade. My PR's 2:19, now 2:45, 5k 14:19, now 16:55. As of May have 132448 miles.