How this site works

This blog is collecting information about runners who have covered more than 100,000 miles in their life. It's a part-time project, coordinated by Amby Burfoot, Runner's World editor at large and 1968 winner of the Boston Marathon. Note: Mileage totals are not all up to date, and some runners keep more precise records than others. I have directly contacted everyone on the list, and am accepting their word for their mileage totals.

So far the top five lifetime mileage runners are (as of late March, 2010)

1. Darryl Beardall, CA: 280,000
2. Dr. Herbert Fred, Houston, TX: 239,585
3. Don Slusser, Monroeville, PA: 178,000
4. Craig Davidson, Phoenix, AZ: 176,866
5. Bill Hagman, Morriz Plains, NJ: 173,160

(Special note and spectacular video: British ultra runner Charlie Hart was reputed to have accumulated "almost a million" miles in an incredible video linked to his page on this site. Use Search box to find "Charlie Hart."

By comparison, several much more famous runners have lower lifetime totals. IE, Ron Hill is at about 151,000 miles, and Bill Rodgers at about 125,000.

With luck, the Search box will help you find people on this site. If you have run more than 100,000 lifetime miles, and would like to be added to this site, contact me at Thanks.