Rick Kleyman has run 102,000 miles (March 31, 2010)

Rick Kleyman
Plymouth, MN
DOB: Jan. 30, 1940
Rick Kleyman   of Plymouth, MN, has been running for 55 years and coaching high school for almost that long.  Ran with Ron Daws and Buddy Edelen (both Olympic marathoners) in college.
His best track times ranged from 2:00.7 in the 800 meter to 9:59.4 in the 2-mile. His best road race times ranged from a 16:05 5K to 2:38:47 in the marathon.  Road times all done after age 40.  Last year, he ran a mile in  5:57  at age 69. Continues to run over 2,000 miles per year.