Jeff Foster has run 107,000 miles (end of 2011)

Name: Jeff Foster
Date of birth: 07/09/56
Current residence: Parkman, WY
I hit the 100,000 mile mark on January 10, 2010. Started keeping track when I began running on the track team my freshman year of high school back in St. Marys, PA in 1971. I always enjoyed running long and alone. Eventually had some fine races. Marathon Best - 2:14:04; Half - 1:05:39; 10 mile - 48:06 in my twenties. I lost some good years to get miles in when I had a running injury in 1983-84 that sidelined me all of those years. Suffered a head injury in 1986 from a mugging and had a car fall on my leg when the jack slipped out while changing the brakes a couple years after that.

After avoiding the injury jinx I had some nice runs in my 40s with marathon best- 2:30:22; half-marathon-1:07 (Vegas) and 10K -31:18 (track). Eventually I gravitated to ultra-marathons where I ran personal bests for 50 miles-6:00:25 12 hour run -80 miles 100 miles - 19:56:40 and 24 hour run - 114.86 miles.

Currently I have just over 107.000 miles as of December 2011 and I'm really hoping to run a sub-3:00 marathon next spring and join the sub 3:00 in 5 decades group.