Syl Pascale has run 109,438 miles (thru June, 1997)

Syl Pascale
Chicago Park, Nevada County, California
DOB - 10/24/48
Total miles run - 109,438, through June 1997

I had knee surgery in June 1997 and that ended my running days. I had a running streak going of 19 years and 6 months at the time of the surgery.
Started running in Junior HS in 1962, had a best of 4:37 for the mile in HS. Went into the USAF in late 60s (Viet Nam), got into running longer races in the Military.
My best times were 1:08:53-Half Marathon (Vermont 1982), 2:24:54- Marathon (Dallas White Rock 1982), 10:56-100K trail (Miwok 1996), 23:42-100 mile trail (Western States 1996). 
Ran for the Millrose AA in the 70s, WVTC in the 80s, Ryans in the 80s and 90s.
My highest mileage year was 1995 where I ran 5722 miles.
I still have all of my training logs from 1963-1997.
I took up cycling when I could no longer run, and in the past 15 years I have ridden over 238,000 miles. My biggest year was 2009 where I rode 23,245 miles.
I have all the training logs for cycling from 1997-2012(current). So far this year I have 15,439 miles in.