Bob Lewis hit 100,000 miles on Feb. 7, 2013

Bob Lewis
Revere, MA
DOB: 7/16/55
I achieved my 100,000th mile, February 7, 2013.
I started running in September 1971, for Revere H.S. cross country.
Frank Gallagher was the coach. He ran a very organized and structured program.
All our running courses were measured. And, that year he kept a chart logging everyone's running mileage.
He even followed us in his car, during runs. Gas was only around 35 cents a gallon back then.
After the X country season was over, I continued to log all my miles. It became sort of an obsession.
I didn't run unless I knew exactly how far it was, (within reason of course).
Year after year, I kept charts, diaries, and calendar books. The mileage was as accurate as possible, and very strictly kept.
Although my race performances were marginal at best, I just loved to run.
  At 33 I ran my first marathon, The "88" Boston Peace Marathon, were I placed 6th overall in 2:39:31.
Eight of my first ten marathons were sub 2:40. I ran 14 Boston Marathons, with my best 2:36:26 in 1991.
My best finish was 104th male in 1993 with a 2:37:44. I placed 2nd in the 1993 Maine Marathon with a timeof 2:38:24.
I ran 28 competitive marathons with a range of 2:36 to 2:54. As a master I ran 2:43 twice, Twin Cities and Boston. My last marathon was in 2002.
I never had that "break out" marathon, but it was a lot of fun trying.
Today I run for health and fitness and the joy of it, around 45 miles wk. I love to run, work the body and soul, and be kind to my heart.