Phil Ryan has reached 150,381.6 miles (Dec. 31, 2021)

Phil Ryan

Millis, MA
DOB: 10-11-42
-----------------------------2021 report
The Boston Marathon in October was neat to see people excited to run in the race. I had my volunteer job - handing out the numbers. So, how is running ? I ran in one road race this past summer - slow5K. I still run every day which I am thankful for at this stage of my life(79). Here is my miles run for my 56th year of logging miles 1,241.5 - Total -150,381.6. 
I am so slow now and a short run feels like a  Marathon but heck I can still put one foot ahead of the other and move like I am running. So, here is the 2020 mileage in my 55th year of logging the runs - 1,402.7 miles. My average /year is down to 2715.1 for 55 years and Av/day is down to 7.4.
 I would like to up-date my yearly miles - 2019 - 54th year of a log book  - the total this past year was 1593.6- this brings my total up to 147,872.4.
I just completed my 52nd year of logging my miles. I ran 1,911.8 mile this year(2018) for a grand total of 145,973.8 miles for 52 years.
 I started running at the age of 17 as a Freshmen at SUNY at Brockport, NY, on the X-C team in the Fall of 1960. I didn't keep any  specific training records  for my 4 years of X-C and the Track seasons. In the spring of 1965 while attending graduate school at BU and running in NE road races, I was persuaded to join the BAA running club by Jock Semple. He became my main motivator/mentor and friend. On May,1 1966, I started my 1st year Training Logbook which I have kept yearly since that time as well as running for the BAA in various road races. Some of my personal running related highlights would be the following. Best Marathon - 2:29:42 - Syracuse,N.Y. -1st in 1970 -Best Boston -1970 - 2:31:07(35th) Best Mileage  year - 5,448 - 1971 (2 years over 5,000),  Best Week - 175 ,  Best 1 Hour run(track) - 11miles& 865 yds ,  Member of the BAA team (3) which won the National 30K  in 1969 - ran in the Springbank International in London, Ont. 1970 -( 12 miles) - 12th place - 61:35   Selected to the USA Olympic Training camp at Washington State in 1970. Qualified tor 2 Olympic Marathon trials and also selected by USOC as one of the 10 participants to represent the US at the International Olympic Academy in Greece in 1972.