Dave Dooley has reached 100,000 lifetime miles (Sept. 16, 2015)

Dave Dooley
Erie, CO
D.O.B: Feb. 20, 1947
I started running consistently and keeping a log in 1982.  My yearly totals ranged from 2463 miles in 2009 to 3584 miles in 1991, and my daily average mileage is 8 miles.  I’m still averaging about 50 miles per week.

I didn’t get serious about my running until I came to work for a company that had a very active running group.  We were into the Corporate Cup Relays that was popular in those days.  I got pretty fit pretty fast trying to keep up with some very good runners back then.

I never considered, and still don’t consider myself as a talented runner, but have been blessed with fairly good body mechanics and have avoided most common  running injuries, except for a bout of planter fasciitis – who hasn’t? – and have been able to train consistently.  Although I run every day, I doubt that I have any significant "streaks."

I have several ndividual age course records in the Bolder Boulder 10K. These include: Age 55 in 2002 ran 36:36, age 56 in 2003 ran 37:01, age 65 in 2012 ran 41:46, and age 67 in 2014 ran 43:31

I hold two age group course records in the Garden of the Gods 10 Miler, Colorado Springs, which I’m sure will be broken: Age Group 60-64, Ran 1:08:56, Age Group 65-69 ran 1:13:05

I won the USATF Masters Marathon Championships 55-59 age group in 2:51:38 (Twin Cities 9/29/2002).

I won USATF Masters 10K Championships 55-59 age group in 36:16 (Heritage Oaks Bank 9/26/2004).

I ran the 101st Boston Marathon in 2:45:51 at age 50.

I don’t cross train (probably should).  Practically all of my miles have been on the roads and trails.  I try to avoid treadmills at all costs. I don’t have any specific goals other than to keep running and training and enter whatever race comes along. I’m just thankful I can still put one foot in front of the other.