Dave Dunham hit 150,000 miles (April 10, 2021)

Dave Dunham
Dunham at exactly 150,000 miles

Bradford MA
DOB: 3-27-1964
I hit 150,000 miles on Saturday 04/10/21.  Surprisingly the last 50k was my fastest (mostly due to less days missed due to injury).  I’ve also continued my streak of at least one win each year from 1979-2021 with a win back in February.  I’m also in my 33rd year working for the Treasury Department

On my run today, I passed 130,000 miles, and now have 130,005. 

Dave is a CPA who has very rigorous records, inc Excel spreadsheets, documenting his lifetime of running. He might be one of the youngest 100K runners.
Today (12-26-2011) I passed 114,000 miles with 114,010. 
Previously: I have run 103,937 miles, averaging 9.48 miles per day from December 1978 – present. Have won 348 races while competing in 1,034 races covering 6,325 miles.
Ran on every street in Londonderry, NH in one calendar year.

Career Highlights
1m - 410
2m - 852
5k - 1407
10k - 2917
20k - 6052
1/2 - 6502
Mar - 21928 (Columbus, 1990)

30 Year winning streak: Has won at least one race a year from 1979-Present.