Joe Caruso has reached 124,000 miles (March, 2016)

Joe Caruso
Northwood, Ohio
DOB: 07/09/1953
Started running in 9th grade with a 2:47 880 time. Ran all summer, and in 10th grade ran 4:43 mi.,10:20 2-mi., 11th grade ran 4:41 and 10:09. Started running over 100 miles per week senior year in high school. Ran 1:564:189:22 (2-mi.), 31:05 10,000, and 42:07 8 mi. College: Eastern Mich. Univ. 1976 Mid American Conference Cross Country Champion, 14:12. 5,000 indoor.

Post College: 8:40's 2-mile, 13:57 5,000

Bobby Crim 10 mi. 49:21, 1:04 (13.1), and 2:22 marathon. My mega mileage lowered all my times up to about 14 miles. Doug Kurtis and I were about even from 15K through the half marathon. In the 25k we were averaging 5:05 per mile through around 14 miles.
Then, I always broke down to 5:30-6:00 miles while in a "hit the wall" state.

Back then, I struggled with not being able to run 2:15 or better with runners who were running 1:04 for 13.1. Benji Durden, Frank Shorter, and Doug Kurtis all said the same thing. They thought it was uncommon, but I didn't have the right slow twitch muscle composition and oxygen capacity for longer distances. I got away with using my strength with mega miles to work up to a half marathon. It took me at least two months to recover after a marathon, while Doug Kurtis was running sub 2:20's sometimes on consecutive weekends. Doug and I ran in the same high school region in Michigan. I ran in college with his brother, Dennis. 

I had no idea the density of runners around me when I started running in 1969. Within an hour north, Doug Brown, Greg Meyer later, Herb Lindsay, and less than one hour to the south, Sid Sink, Dave Wottle, and the famous 4 X 1 mile relay team. I was a poor student who was deaf and could not connect. I started running because my father had a heart attack at age 53 in 1969. I had  no idea it would place me on a current into my future. I knew that was it and there was no turning back. It paid for my college education and meeting many great people. It was really hard work, but I loved running and the realization how blessed I was to have the opportunity to gain an education and life experience to influence those I teach.

Running has shaped my life, and continues to be a part of my life.