Dave Dial has reached 205,846 miles (Dec 31, 2020)

Dave Dial

San Diego CA
DOB: 8-14-1960
Here's a 4 minute audio interview about Dave Dial from May, 2019. https://www.redriverradio.org/post/gary-borders-born-run

previously: Dave Dial has run 155,000 lifetime miles (as of 5-16-2011)

from Dave Dial: Growing up in rural east Texas, I had a horse before I had a bike but am fond of saying I had my legs first and as a child discovered my love for running – for me there was something pure and spiritual about it.

I have no idea how many miles I ran down dirt roads and through forest trails in the Davy Crockett National Forest simply to get from one place to another but I was hooked for life and at age 14 began keep a running log in a spiral notebook.

By age 17 I was regularly running 140 miles a week and had the good fortune of meeting Bill Rodgers, a runner who then and still does inspire me. Meeting the world’s then number one marathoner motivated me to qualify for and run Boston, something I first did as a 19 year old in ’80 (I placed 42nd in 2:24:18).

Reflecting upon my running career since those early days, I may be borrowing a once upon a time quote from Frank Shorter but I feel I’ve always raced simply to justify all the training I did.

I simply love the act of running and the extremes I’ve experienced because of that are many and include being hit by cars twice and being bitten by a rattlesnake – rumor has it the snake lived. Further, being of Cherokee and Lumbee Indian descent, my most cherished running miles have been those benefiting Native American causes.

I ‘m currently in my 34th year as a runner and for me there is still something very pure and spiritual about it…