Gary Green has reached 100,000 miles (July 1, 2017)

Gary Green
Frankfurt, Kentucky
DOB: July 11, 1952
My name is Gary Green.  I am 65 years old as of July 11th 2017. I ran my
100,000th mile on July 1st At the Salato Center in Frankfort, Kentucky with family and friends.

Here's a video of Gary Green.

I started running in 1977, but didn’t start tracking mileage until January of 1978.  Someone gave me a running type calendar that year and l’ve  bought one to keep track ever since. 

I had a streak one time of 54 weeks in a row of 60 miles or more per week, and 222 weeks of at least 50 miles per week.  I’ve had a lot of people who I ran with over the years who can’t run anymore for various reasons.  I still average 50 or so miles per week and will for as long as I can.

My PR’s are.

5k-15:45 (Mobile, AL)
8k-26:18 (Maggie Valley, NC)
10k-32:26 (Bowling Green, KY)
15K-49:57 (Myrtle Beach SC)
10 miles-54:09 (Louisville KY)
Half Marathon-1:12:45 (Lexington KY)
Marathon-2:39:01 (Boston)