Lauren Estilow Siegel reached 100,000 miles (June 16, 2018)

Lauren Estilow Siegel
Elkins Park PA
DOB: Feb. 1960

I hit my 100,000th mile on June 16, and am really excited to join this list of amazing athletes. Life is good when you can start each day with a run.

I began running in May, 1975, after my expected career as a professional ballet dancer was cut short due to a knee injury. Funny how I have never had a knee problem from running! I continued to run and race throughout three pregnancies, caring for a Special Needs daughter, and life’s ups and downs. I ran six days a week until October, 1999, when the demands of caring for my youngest daughter became so intense that I added a seventh day. Running was the only thing that kept me sane! 

I have always enjoyed racing, and while I may not be as fast as I was in my 20’s, I still place well in my Age Group. I have run hundreds of races from 5k to the Marathon in the last 43 years. My best race was a Philadelphia Broad Street Run 10 Mile in 1981 when I ran 66:10. My marathon best was a 3:25 back in the days of no gels, or modern technology.  No more times like those, but I have just as much fun now. I appreciate every mile. 

Lately I’ve been running Track, but it’s just for fun, I’m not competitive in Track like I am in Road and Distance Running. I usually run about 60 miles a week, with two or three days of strength training also. 

Streaking for the last 18 years has helped me reach my 100k miles goal, but I have no intention of stopping my Streak anytime soon. I’m the number 8 Female on the United Streak Running Association list, and I’m proud to be on both the 100k Miles and the USRSA Lists. 

Any day that you get to run is a gift! Happy running!