Barbara Pearce reached 100,000 miles on August 31, 2023

Barbara Pearce

Guilford CT

Born: 10/1954    


I reached 100,000 tracked miles this morning!  I’ve been running since 1970, but only started keeping track at the start of 1991.  This year, I really pushed to hit the big 100, and I got a glorious morning for the last run.  

There are many other goals to chase out there in running, but this is the one I chose.  Now maybe I can work on getting fast again. I am just now, at almost 69, seeing my fast-twitch muscles fail me.  I am just not as fast as I used to be.  

I do, however, still hope to stay on the regression line that my longtime running partner, Ray Fair, has.  It’s found on his site Aging in Sports and Chess, and is called the Fair Model.  You can easily find it, and use it to prove to yourself that you are slowing down at an appropriate pace.