Doug Kewley has run 100,000 miles (March 1, 2014)

Doug Kewley
Adelaide, SA, Australia
DOB: 18-06-1950
I have been running for 30 years, from 1984 to 2014. At high school I led the chess club (VIC State Champion) and had no physical sporting activity at all. I took up soccer while doing my PhD in rocket science at the Australian National University. Later I became a soccer referee after I moved to the Southampton UK, Sydney and finally Adelaide.  I just recently went over the 100,000 mile mark while training for my next set of multi-day races in Athens, NYC and Hungary. I ran my best marathon 2:38:00 at Marine Corps, DC when I was 37. During 1986-87 I lived in Waterford CT and ran my first Boston (total of 6) and New York marathon. I have won 5 small South Australian marathons outright plus the RSA 6-day race in Pretoria over New Year 2013-2014. After completing 100 lifetime race marathons in 2013 (including 26 Adelaide Marathons) I ran the 101st at Marathon du Medoc, France with my eldest daughter running her first. It had 22 wine stops and so at 5:45 was by far my slowest but perhaps the most fun. I am currently in training for my new challenge of multi-day races where the world age group road distance of 762km is within my grasp. In part also because I am Race Director of the first 6-day race in Australia since 2005. So I try to peak between 200-300km (124-186 miles) a week. But I have lost all my marathon speed in the last six months.. On the first race day I expect to run over 100 miles with the aim of reaching around 186km by 48hrs to get a good start for the rest of race. These races are a balance between run/walk/sleep/eating and washing, so having a crew makes a difference (still hoping for help!).

Robert Chasen has run 138,000 lifetime miles (Feb. 17, 2014)

Robert Chasen
Weymouth MA
DOB: 9/2/1954
At age 6, doctors told my parents that I would never be able to do strenous activity due to severe rheumatic heart disease.  I missed the second half of 1st grade due to heart related hospitalizations.  I bucked the trend at age 14 when I started running.  I needed a new doctors note to let me on the track team because I actually failed the pre-sport physcial.  45 years and 138,000 miles later, I proved the original experts wrong.  At least half those years were at a steady 80-90 miles per week.  As I now get close to 60, my mileage has dropped to the 40-50 mile per week range.  My accomplishments are a 30:26 10K, 3 time New England age group mountain racing champion, and various good masters performances on the roads and in cross-country.  However, my favorite accomplishment is all the friends I made during all those miles and years and the rich experiences they created for me.

Herb Townsend has increased his lifetime miles to 116,199 (Dec. 29, 2013)

Herb Townsend
DOB July 1, 1938
Treasure Island, FL

I continue to plod along, and grab a few over-75 medals at local races.  For purpose of updating my 100K record, I have logged 2669 miles since the initial entry in September 2012, bringing the total to 116,199 to date.  It still amazes me that this is over 4  times around the Earth at its equator. 

This year I am planning to go to Granada to run with the gypsies, then in March to California  to run with the bison on Catalina Island, and then to Machu Pichu in November to run with the Incas.

Herb Townsend has run 114,030 miles (Sept. 2012)

Swept up in the running boom, my running career began in 1977 at age 39 with a
9.8-mile race in Allentown, PA. That was enough to get me hooked. Since then I
have competed in thousands of races, including 73 marathons, 1 ultra marathon,
4 triathlons, and 7 duathlons. My personal marathon best (2:40:42) occurred in
Philadelphia, PA on November 25, 1984. But most memorable of all was being the
overall winner of the Great Valley Marathon in Chambersburg, PA on January 27,
1990 at age 51 in a time of 2:51:39.

Based on daily entries in pocket calendars from 1981 to 1999, and in Excel
spreadsheets from 2000 to the present (September 26, 2012), there are a total of
103,109 documented miles. In addition to these, I estimate another 9750 that were
run but not recorded from 1977 to 1980 (during this period I only recorded my race
distances and times), and 1171 that I estimate were run during a 19-week gap in the
data resulting from a hard-drive meltdown on my PC in 2001. If these are included,
the total becomes 114,030.

Most of my 100K+ miles were run slowly, comprising what many would consider
junk miles. Still, they made me feel good, and kept me lean and fit. Along the way,
they led me to meet many great people, visit amazing places, and have incredible
experiences. I plan to continue running, mostly on the beaches of South Jersey and
the Florida Gulf, as long as I am physically able.

John Medinger has reached 100,000 miles (Aug. 18, 2013)

John Medinger at mile 99,999 with
a group of running buddies, inc.
100k member Mike Fanelli.
John Medinger
Healldsburg, CA
DOB: Jan. 6, 1951
Started running in 1974, starting keeping track of mileage in 1977. First marathon Avenue of the Giants in 1978. Have completed 54 marathons (PR of 2:48:41 at NYC in 1983), 138 ultras including 13 100-milers. Part of the original organizing committee for the San Francisco Marathon in 1977, founder of Quad Dipsea race in 1983 (and Race Director for the first 30 years), founder and still Race Director of the Lake Sonoma 50, and on the Board of Trustees for the Western States 100 since 1992 (President 1999-2005). Publisher of UltraRunningmagazine, 2007-2013.

Completed 100,000 miles on August 17, 2013 with a 5-mile trail run at Lake Sonoma (which included another 100,000 mile member, Mike Fanelli).

Dallas Robertson now has reached 190,043 miles (April 4, 2013

Dallas Robertson
Iowa City, Iowa
DOB: 7-23-1956
I am sending an updated career mileage total. I now have 190,043 miles logged from January 1, 1980 through the end of the day April 4, 2013. The weekly average for that time frame is 109.5 miles/week. That does not include the 20,000 – 25,000 miles I ran from April 25, 1975 through December 31, 1979. In 2011, I had 6484 miles and in 2012 I had 6664 miles. Provided I stay healthy, I should hit 200,000 miles logged by November 1, 2014. Men like Dave Beardall and Herbert Fred inspire the rest of us to reassess our goals and strive to go further than we ever thought possible. Before I was 10 years old, there was a family owned, corner grocery store that had fishbowls filled with penny candy. It was a little less than a mile from where I lived, but from a child’s perspective, it seemed like it was at the edge of the earth, too far to travel on foot. During my running career, my marathon taper weeks were 100 miles. I had no idea of what I was capable of. Looking back, I think I could have done even more.

From Dallas Robertson: I started running April 25, 1975 to lose weight. I was about 175 pounds. The first night, I ran 2.25 miles. The next morning, I was 1 pound lighter. At that time, I wondered if I lost 1 pound doing 2.25 miles, how much would I lose by doing 7 miles. I ran 7 miles per day for 7 days and then ran 14 or more miles per day for 100 straight days. I weighed 145 pounds at that point. I had given up beer, pop, and McDonalds. I started eating canned fruit, loose fried hamburger with fried onions mixed in, and LOTS of cauliflower. I enlisted in the US Navy and left for boot camp in October, 1975. I continued to run as consistently as I could. I was assigned to the USS Raleigh which had a helicopter flight deck. It was 11 laps/mile. When we were at sea, I tried to run 11 miles (121 laps) over lunch and another 11 miles after work. I got tendonitis in my knees so bad, I could hardly climb steps. After some time off while overseas, we returned to Norfolk, Virginia, our home port. After work each day, I ran 20 miles, alternating days with a 2 ½ pound leather ankle weight on each leg.

I was discharged in April, 1979 and returned to Iowa City. I was running 80 to 100 miles per week, but never kept track. On January 1, 1980, I started keeping track of my mileage on my grandmother’s wall calendar, 1980 – 5581 miles. In the fall of 1997, I went over 100,000 miles. From January 1, 1980 through June 10, 2009, I have 165,737 logged miles. My lowest year was over 4500 in 2005 due to missing several months from knee surgery (my first time off due to a running injury since 1981). My highest year was 6650 in the early 1980’s. Last year (2008), I ran over 6000 miles. I have only driven my own vehicle to work 2 times since 1975.