100K members Medinger and Fanelli run on historic Roger Bannister track

John Medinger, left, and Mike Fanelli on famed
Iffley Road track, Oxford, England.
Here's a fun and quirky update for the 100,000 mile website.

Mike Fanelli and I ran a ceremonial mile today on hallowed ground - the Iffley Road track in Oxford where Roger Bannister ran the first 4-minute mile. (We are in London for the World Championships). At this writing we are both at 107,703 miles. I finally caught up! I have been chasing Mike since I started running 42 years ago; he was my coach in the '80s. We live about 10 miles from each other in Sonoma County.

I'm running about 5–10 miles more per week at the moment, so will now be ahead for a while. But he's 5 years younger than me so unsure how long that might last.

Gary Green has reached 100,000 miles (July 1, 2017)

Gary Green
Frankfurt, Kentucky
DOB: July 11, 1952
My name is Gary Green.  I am 65 years old as of July 11th 2017. I ran my
100,000th mile on July 1st At the Salato Center in Frankfort, Kentucky with family and friends.

I started running in 1977, but didn’t start tracking mileage until January of 1978.  Someone gave me a running type calendar that year and l’ve  bought one to keep track ever since. 

I had a streak one time of 54 weeks in a row of 60 miles or more per week, and 222 weeks of at least 50 miles per week.  I’ve had a lot of people who I ran with over the years who can’t run anymore for various reasons.  I still average 50 or so miles per week and will for as long as I can.

My PR’s are.

5k-15:45 (Mobile, AL)
8k-26:18 (Maggie Valley, NC)
10k-32:26 (Bowling Green, KY)
15K-49:57 (Myrtle Beach SC)
10 miles-54:09 (Louisville KY)
Half Marathon-1:12:45 (Lexington KY)
Marathon-2:39:01 (Boston)

John Zupanc has run 102,988 miles (Jan. 1, 2017)

John Zupanc
Omro, Wisconsin
DOB: Feb. 26, 1953
[Editor's note: What do you want to bet that no one ever replaces John at the bottom of the alpha listing of all runners on this site. What an impressive name!] 
John Zupanc passed 100,000 miles on a cold,
wet, and windy May 11, 2015.

As a senior at Monroe High School (WI), I was persuaded by my neighbor, and great runner Dan Winzenried, to race cross country and leave football behind.  It was obvious that I was too small for football by this time, so I gave cross country a shot.  Our coach, Clarence Bruess, made running and racing so much fun.  I discovered a natural running talent.  And I have had a passion and love for distance running since that time.

Through college at UW Madison I did not run much but did manage to stay in shape through a variety of competitive intramural sports.  During the summer of 1977, a good friend and former high school distance runner Jim Mellor and I decided we would train for the Paavo Nurmi marathon in Hurley at the end of the summer.  Knowing very little about training for a marathon we both made the common error of doing too much too soon and too fast.  We never made the starting line. Through high school, college, and through the summer of 1977, I did not keep any type of training log.  I have not included any estimate of those miles in my mileage total.

I started to keep a weekly total mileage log in November of 1977 as motivation for another marathon attempt on my 25th birthday in February of 1978 in St Louis.  I finished in 2:53.09.  And then 6 weeks later I raced my first Boston Marathon.  Since September of 1978 I have logged every daily run.

Over the years I have completed 23 Boston Marathons, including an 18th place finish in the heat in 1985.  The next year, 1986, I recorded my only marathon win at the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon.  It was eventful, not only the win but for a train delay at 12 miles which cost our lead group 1:45.  It is my PR for the marathon in a train adjusted time of 2:20:44.

I utilized my graduate degree in exercise physiology from UW Madison to refine my running and to pass that knowledge to my student athletes.  From 1981 through 2010, I was a men's cross country and track and field coach and on academic staff at UW Oshkosh. It was a dream job, coaching and teaching at the college level.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to pass my love for running to others.  The teams were very successful with six NCAA DIII National Championships.  

I retired in January of 2011 and continue to love to run and compete. My last marathon was at the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon in October 2016 as a 63 year old in 3:25:09. 

Bruce Fordyce has run 117,000 lifetime miles (March 1, 2017)

Bruce Fordyce
Johannesburg, South Africa
DOB: Dec. 3, 1955
Chicago Lakefront, 1984
[EDITOR'S NOTE: Bruce is one of the world's greatest distance runners, with nine victories in the Comrades Ultra Marathon. In many ways, he is the Bill Rodgers of South Africa: a dominant runner and even better and more politically-aware person. He was extremely helpful to me in my two Comrades runs. In fact, I wouldn't have finished the first except for Bruce's recommendation that I see his personal physiotherapist about an inflammed Achilles tendon. Ouch, that guy hurt me! But my Achilles was fine for the race several days later.]

So I’m approaching 200,000 kms which I should reach in early 2018. I started running at university (University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg) on June 18th 1976 two days after the Soweto uprisings which affected me very deeply as a student. My direct plan was to train for and run the following years Comrades marathon in 1977 . With one or two very short breaks for post marathon recovery or injuries I have run consistently ever since. I have run over 150 ultra marathons in the 50 -100 km range and well over 300 marathons. 

Other race distances too numerous to count. I do keep a detailed training and racing diary. While my knees are starting to bother me I still run around 50-70 kilometres a week. I managed to run the New York City Marathon in 2:58 at age 55. But my knees have grown stiffer since then.

Highlights of my running career are 9 Comrades marathon wins where I broke the course record 5 times (1981-1990). I also finished 2nd and 3rd on two occasions. I was a member of the winning team 5 times. In total I have run 30 Comrades marathons. I also won 3 back-to-back London to Brighton races ( 53 miles) 1981-1983 and I won the AMA Us 50 mile champs in 1984 in Chicago in 4:50:51 setting a world and US time which still stands. In 1989 I ran 100 kms in6:25 which was a short-lived World record. This year I am running the Two Oceans 56 km in Cape Town for the 32nd time. My best there was 4th in 1983 in 3:13. I have run 15 Pieter Korkie 56 km races between Pretoria and Johannesburg winning it once in 1985 in 5:21 at high altitude.

My proudest achievement was receiving the President’s award for sport from Nelson Mandela. Also, winning the 1981 Comrades marathon in record time splattered with eggs and tomatoes thrown at me by angry white spectators because I wore a black armband in the race, protesting the race’s incorporation into the government’s celebration of 20 years of Apartheid.

My best times:
Mile 4:11
5000 metres 14:26
10000 metres 29:53  
Marathon 2:17:18
56 km. 3:13
50 miles 4: 50: 51 in Chicago 1984 4: 50 30 London to Brighton point to point course
100 kms 6:25

Kevin O'Grady has run 105,012 miles (Feb. 7, 2017)

On hiking trip, John Muir trail
Kevin O'Grady
Columbus, Ohio
DOB 12-11-1958
My first run was 7-4-1977 when I logged five miles. I had just graduated high school, had always played sports, and was looking for an outlet since organized activities had come to an end with matriculation. I ran sporadically until January 1978 when I took a jogging glass at Ohio State to fulfill my physical education requirement. There was a 10k road race sponsored by the local paper at quarters end and the class was a great way to prepare. 

Once that was accomplished, I entered the Dayton 1/2 marathon October '78, training all summer. To keep myself running through the winter , I entered the April 1, 1079 Athens ( Ohio ) marathon, finishing in 3:12, despite a long run of 16 miles. It was at the finish line that I decided that 26.2 miles was not that difficult and resolved to run 50 miles. Two friends and I decided to run 25 miles from town and return before we discovered an open ended endurance event in town. Together we three ran 52 miles in April 1981. It was there I discovered Ultrarunning magazine and the world of trail races. 

I did the Laurel Highlands Trail 70 miler in June 1982 and followed that with a solo 100 miler for charity, on a track, in July. Years of solid running in the 70-80 miles week range followed. A typical week involved 7 days of running with the occasional two a day. Marathons and Ultras were my preferred events. With the opening of my running store, Frontrunner in February 1987, I retired from competitive running, although I continued to participate in many events. 

The mid 90's saw me add the Nordic Track machine to my regimen. I sacrificed a couple running days to accommodate same. As the 2000's dawned I added the Concept 2 rower to the mix. Thus, I have migrated to a four day running week, typically no run shorter than 10 miles, and three days of other activities. A handful of days will see a double still. I also play Ice Hockey one or twice weekly and do 3 light weight workouts.

100,000 miles was breached through a trail 15 miler with good friends Mike Taylor and Bill Weston 9-4-13. I have since sold the store and retired to a life of reading, sweating, and volunteering. Current (2-7-17) totals show 105,012 miles run, 10,239 Nordic Track miles, and 9263 on the rower. 
In addition to the 100,000 milestone, I set a goal to complete each 100 marathons and 100 ultra marathons. The Marathon goal was surpassed some years back and now totals 119. Ultra #100 was a 100 miler in November 2015. That total now stands at 105, with 35 of them being 100 miler, or longer. 

1/2 MAR-1:13:45
50 MILE-6:24
100 MILE-16:31
144 HOUR-401 MILES