Welcome to 100KLifetimeMiles.com, the web site that tracks runners who have logged at least 100,000 miles in their running careers. Believe it or not, there are a lot of these runners, and all of them have fascinating stories. You can find many of these individual stories through links on our "All RunnersBy Name" page.

[NOTE: If you have not updated me in a year or so, please send me your current lifetime total, along with the date achieved. I also hope to start doing a better job maintaining an email list that I can mail to occasionally. Thanks. Amby]

This site was created by Amby Burfoot, who takes all responsibility for mistakes, and also for the fact that he hasn't been able to maintain the site in a timely fashion. He hopes this will change eventually.

If you are included in this site, and would like to have your Lifetime Miles total updated, please contact Amby at: amburf@gmail.com. He will try to keep up, and make sure each new entry is dated.

Likewise, if you know someone who should be included here, please tell him or her to contact Amby. Ditto if you are yourself a 100,000-miles runner. This site works mainly by "the honor system." You'll be included if you send Amby an email that follows the format of pages like this one. Be sure to submit your Date of Birth, your present hometown, your total lifetime miles, and a brief bio including highlights of your running career.

Thanks. Enjoy. Run long and healthy. Amby Burfoot,   amburf@gmail.com