Dan Larson has 115,000 lifetime miles, and no records to prove it

Dan Larson is an old friend from my running days in Connecticut. Now he's an M.D. in New York who'll be starting his 40th Boston Marathon this April. His wife Victoria was part of a midwife practice that delivered my daughter Laura. But Vicki had the day off when Laura decided to make her appearance. Good friends, good people.
Dan Larson
Queensbury, NY
DOB: 7-11-1951

While I could estimate that I have run well over 100,000 miles ( my guess is about 115,000), I have never kept a training log of any kind. I am fortunate to remember what I ran two days ago. It is one of the joys of being a recreational runner and not being excessively competitive. I still enjoy a close race against a friend but I never seem to care enough to lose any sleep over it. When I last had a coach in 1973 (Bob Giegengack), "Gieg" kept records. The freedom to run a lot or a little, on the paths or on the roads, with friends or alone, is one of the joys of running as exercise. I once had a streak of more than 15 yrs with at least two miles/day before it was stopped by a back injury. I felt liberated after that streak had ended. There are now many days where I cycle, cross country ski or hike instead of running. I suspect that for the past two years I have done fewer than 3 miles/day on average. Of course, there are moments of panic starting in late February when I realize Boston is only 7 wks away and all of a sudden I do more.

This April will be my 40th BAA start and, lord willing, my 39th finish. I proudly say that I have qualified for every one of those without ever needing any kind of exemption from the qualifying times. That, too, will eventually come to an end but I have enjoyed it all and made many fine friends.