Tom Abbott has 103,000 lifetime miles

Tom Abbott
Indiana Township, PA
DOB: 6-6-55
I grew up in Pgh Pennsylvania. I live in an eastern suburb called Indiana township. Was born on June 6, 1955. Hit the 100 k on 1/7/2006. Ran the 100,000th mile and the 100,001 mile with my daughter on a memorial trail that is named after a good buddy (Steve Faloon) in the early 80 's. I ran my first mile on that same trail back in 1970 and competed in high school, college, and still do the trails in Schenley park.
I am actually at 103K+ miles right now. Hit 100K a couple of years back. I also have every mile documented, although not in as great detail as Don Slusser. I recently qualified for the senior olympic games in San Francisco next August.