Craig Snapp just passed 151,000 lifetime miles (May 26, 2020)

Craig Snapp 
San Diego CA
My longest running-streak started when I was 47, and made it till i was 65, (18 years, 8 days), and stopped when my appendix said, “I'm outta here!” On 01-01-11, (13 years into my streak), I decided to start collecting the money found during a run.

I take it all home, identify each by denomination-and-date, enter that data onto a spread-sheet, then place each find into the appropriate “coca-cola” glass, in my den.

As of today, (05-26-20 : 9 years, 147 days into the collecting), I have found 98,245 coins. Also, I have a finding-streak of 9 years, 1 day.

One of my other passions is numbers, and I could give you more of those, about this “hobby,” than even your most loyal reader could stomach.

Since my longest running-streak ended, (on 04-08-16), I have had a streak of 2 years, 59 days, (stopped by a “meniscus-tear”), and 182 days, (stopped by a “g.i. bleed,” not to be confused with “g.i. joe”), and am currently on another streak.

I won't be 70 for 54 more days, and am hoping to sneak in some more good miles-and-finds, before I'm too old to remember what those words mean. As an example of some of the statistics, which would bore your readers into an altered state:

# the oldest find is a 1907 nickel.
# the most-frequent find is the 2016 penny, (at 3,073), followed by the 2014 penny, (at 3,066).
# the number-of-coins-60-years-old-or-older is 599.
# there are 218 bills, with 1 of $100, 38 of $20, and a total value of $1,251.

The biggest-month ever was last month, (April 2020), with 4,063 coins, for a daily-average of 135.4.

My lifetime-running-mileage just sneaked over 151,000. Godspeed to us all.

----------------------------------- (from 2010)
I began recording my miles on 2-9-77, when I was 26. Tonight, I texted God, and asked if I could know the mileage I had done between 7-19-50, and 2-8-77. The answer I received was, "4,846"! That would give me a "Lifetime Total" of 99,999! When I told God that that would leave me one mile short of making "Amby's List," I received, "HEY! Tell Amby that he should let you slide for that one mile! Remind him, that I'm still watching every move he makes!" Ya know, I believe: SHE'S RIGHT! AMEN!