Darryl Beardall has 280,000 lifetime miles (the new leader) (as of 3-27-2010)

Darryl Beardall
Santa Rosa, CA
DOB: ?
It appears we have a new leader and world-record holder (for now anyway) for total lifetime miles. I spoke with Beardall on the phone about a week ago, and there's no doubting his legitimacy. He's still a frequent racer, with more than 50 finishes in the Dipsea Trail Run, and is very well known by all in the Bay Area running community. He also continues to run marathons, and recently finished the Napa Valley Marathon. Here's an article about him written just before that race.

I hope to speak to Beardall again soon, and gather more details for this post.

Update: I ran with Beardall at the 2012 Napa Valley Marathon, which he finished in 6:01:30, and wrote more about him here. And here. In June, Beardall finished the Deseret News Marathon in 5:27:21. In December, 2012, he finished the California International Marathon in Sacramento in 6:06:48.

 I was able to reach Darryl Beardall by phone and we had a good conversation.  He gave me his mileage for the 3 years of running records he has access to.  2010 – 2856, 2011- 2676, 2012 – 2955 miles.  SO I think the 10% reduction factor from his estimated mileage is closer to the truth but may still be a little high.  He told me he currently runs 12 miles per day, which is 72 miles per week, which is over 3700. His 2012 total is 20% less than that.  I plan to continue to keep in touch with him and see if he can make progress on finding those earlier records.  Until then I’ll go with the end of 2012 estimate of 281,485 I have posted on this list. 

I recently spent some time with Darryl Beardall and have decided to credit him with 279,000 lifetime miles. It's possible he has run more than that, but he doesn't have good records.

At any rate, he is the undisputed leader in lifetime miles at this point, and by quite a wide margin.

I'll post more here when I get the chance. For now, see