Mark Covert has run 156,280 miles (July 23, 2011)

Mark Covert
Lancaster, CA
DOB: Nov. 17, 1950
On Saturday, July 23, Mark Covert completed his 44th consecutive year of running at least a mile every day. His streak is believed to be the longest in the U.S., and the second longest in the world. Wikipedia.

From Mark Covert: Streak Totals at the end of July 23, 2011. Number of Days 15,703. Months 516.
Weeks 2243. Total Miles During Streak 146,477. Lifetime Miles 156,280

Here are the totals.  If you notice the totals for the start of July are very low.  I have found that along with a sprained MCL I have 2 tears in my right meniscus.  I was able to go 5 miles this morning and things are feeling a little better.  The doctor has told me there is no reason to rush  towards surgery so I am slowing down and just running easy a fewer miles.  I have had this before on my other knee and was able to run the day after, so when I have surgery this time, I assume that I will be able to do the same.