Rick Woidt has run about 104,000 total miles (August, 2011)

Charles F. "Rick" Woidt
Binghampton, NY
DOB: May 13, 1954
 I have been running since 1974 and have good mileage logs except from 1974-1979 or so. Still I am sure I surpassed the 100k mark about 2 years ago. I estimate I am around 104,000 miles at this time. I still run about 2000 miles a year albeit at a fairly slow pace.

I have completed all 57 marathons I have entered with a PR of 2:30:08 and the slowest 2:57:30. I am the owner of a small consultant engineering firm in Binghamton, NY and am 57 years old. I have run 17 Boston’s with the last one in 1996 which I believe was the 100th edition.