Mel Edwards has run about 103,000 miles (Sept. 2011)

Mel Edwards
Aberdeen, Scotland
DOB: 2-12-1942
After a running career of 45 years, in June 2005 I reached the landmark of 100,000 miles and celebrated by doing the 100,000th on the grass track at my old school playing fields. I was paced by my son Myles (aged 16 at the time) and did 6 mins 52 secs. at the age of 62. Just as well I did it then as the following year I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (bone marrow cancer). However with great treatment I am now at 68 running 6 days a week, and am at around 103,000 miles.

My PB for the marathon is 2.18.24 (1967) and I missed out on the UK marathon team for the Mexico Olympics by 2 places. 10,000m PB 29.34 in also in 1967.

I have had a wonderfully enjoyable running career and only one regret ( a very minor one.) In October 1967 I ran the 2:18 in my first marathon, and would have liked to do Boston in April, 1968. However I had just started work and the air fare was too much.

I am delighted Myles has copied my enthusiasm for the sport. He is currently (September 2011) in Kenya for 10 weeks training with the stars.