Joe Sarver has run about 156,961 miles (6-11-2018)

Joe Sarver
Washington, PA
DOB: 01-26-58
I'm sending you an update of my mileage. I've currently logged miles at 142,961 from 1978-2017 in calendars & logs. My MIA logs from 1972-1977 is calculated around 14000-16000 miles unlogged from 5 separate moves. I'll take the 14000 to be safe for a total of 156,961. I've been averaging around 2000 miles a year since 2010 with working full time as a scientist and assistant coaching for the last 8 years at various Division II Universities. 

I saw one of my Allegheny Nike teammates Malcolm East this past weekend at an athletes engagement party in Pittsburgh. He's back from Great Britain after spending time with his dad who passed away.  My New Year's resolution is to reunite with my old teammates from 70's through today. We are starting to lose our band of brothers and road warriors from a golden era of running.


My high school coach Bob Annasenz in Marietta, Ohio encouraged his distance runners to run high mileage during the summer and winter months by completing 1,000 miles during the off seasons starting my junior year. Runners that logged the miles received a 1,000 mile tee shirt.  At that time I started my high mileage diet routinely running two times a day. 

Our high school team won the Central Ohio League Championship in cross country in 1975. I finished 16th in the Ohio X-C state

championship in 1975. I attended West Liberty (State College) University from 1976-1980 and competed in five national NAIA championships in X-C and track completing my first marathon in 2:20:30 in 1978. After college I ran for track clubs sponsored by Adidas, Nike and Asics while working as a chemist. My personal bests include 29:16 at 10km (1982 Pittsburgh), a 1:02:53 Wheeling 20km (1983 Elby's), a 1:16:05 at the Charleston WV 15 miler (1982), and two 2:20:30 in the Philadelphia marathon 1982 & the
Hall of Fame Marathon in Huntington, WV 1978. 

In November of 2000 I surpassed 100,000 logged miles (1978-2000). A number of my high school logs and the first year and a half of my logs at West Liberty State College are missing from house moves. The logged miles on my surviving calendars are now at 127,925 at the end of 2010. Lost calendars and unlogged miles from 1972-1977 are in the neighborhood of 14,000-16,000 miles. I'll take the lower number and round it off to ~141,000 total

logged & unlogged miles.