Jerry Caine has run 127,161 miles (12/21/16)

Jerry Caine
Santa Rosa, CA
DOB: 1-31-1950
My total running distance as of today is 118,650 miles. My "running streak" will hit 22 years this Oct. So far, 71,558 miles alone belong to it. I started running in 1966 while in H.S. I do live about a mile away from the esteemed Darryl Beardall in Santa Rosa. I did marathons in both H.S. and college and have completed two Six Day runs with a best of 401 miles. My miles for the streak are day by day documented in several training journals and have had to estimate the miles from 1966 to 1990. 

I was born on the day President Truman announced the U.S. decision to start developing the Hydrogen Bomb. My marathon PR came in the 1969 Culver City event...13th in 2:33:48. My "minimum miles" rule for the streak is the same that Dr. Hill has adopted...1 mi. at the very least.  I am currently in my 1133rd week with an avg. of 63.25 per week at the moment. If I am blessed with 100 yrs. of age I plan on extending my streak to 60 years, and hope to hit the rarefied atmosphere of the 250,000 mile level. I don't collect coins or stamps, I collect miles. I am also an acute historian of the late 19th Century Pedestrian movement with its Six Day events. I have only lived up here in Santa Rosa the past four years, living most of my life in Southern Calif.