Gary Allen has run roughly 100,000 miles (May 2012)

Gary Allen
Great Cranberry Island, ME
DOB: 1-29-1957
I feel I can safely estimate that I have run 100,000 +/- lifetime miles from old running journals and race records. Let me  explain: I used to keep a very detailed running journal. I took time to record exactly how far I went, how I felt, weather conditions and even who I ran  with. At some point I decided that if I wanted to keep running that worrying  about how far or fast I went was unimportant to the larger picture of just moving forward, so I stopped counting and recording mileage. However, when I  look back at some of my vintage Jim Fixx Runner's Logs, I see the following  mileage entries for the respective years: 1979: 2818, 1980: 2929, 1981: 3026,  1982: 3030.  Taking into account that I ran for four years prior to this in high school (graduating in 1975) and by using these figures as a guide  since 1982 to present,  I think I can conservatively estimate that I have  logged 100,000+/- lifetime miles.  On a side note I can probably claim to  have run more miles in a smaller place than anyone else on the planet. Approximately 65,000 -75,000 of the total miles I have covered on foot were run on a small off-shore Maine island, called, Great Cranberry. It boasts a 2 mile long main road. I think you can find many locals who will vouch for me by noting that they got pretty tired of watching me run back and forth, up and down that road over the years.