Robert Chasen has run 150,000 lifetime miles (Apr, 2021)

Robert Chasen
Weymouth MA
DOB: 9/2/1954
(Apr, 2021) I noticed you last had my lifetime miles updated in 2014 (when it was published).  My lifetime mileage is now 152,000.  Modern Cardiology found out that my heart issue was a congenital defect (Bicuspid Aortic Valve Syndrome).  In December 2017, I had my valve replaced with a Bovine tissue one and my Aorta was grafted with Dacron.  I still log about 2,000 miles per year.
At age 6, doctors told my parents that I would never be able to do strenous activity due to severe rheumatic heart disease.  I missed the second half of 1st grade due to heart related hospitalizations.  I bucked the trend at age 14 when I started running.  I needed a new doctors note to let me on the track team because I actually failed the pre-sport physcial.  45 years and 138,000 miles later, I proved the original experts wrong.  At least half those years were at a steady 80-90 miles per week.  As I now get close to 60, my mileage has dropped to the 40-50 mile per week range.  My accomplishments are a 30:26 10K, 3 time New England age group mountain racing champion, and various good masters performances on the roads and in cross-country.  However, my favorite accomplishment is all the friends I made during all those miles and years and the rich experiences they created for me.