Doug Kewley has run 100,000 miles (March 1, 2014)

Doug Kewley
Adelaide, SA, Australia
DOB: 18-06-1950
I have been running for 30 years, from 1984 to 2014. At high school I led the chess club (VIC State Champion) and had no physical sporting activity at all. I took up soccer while doing my PhD in rocket science at the Australian National University. Later I became a soccer referee after I moved to the Southampton UK, Sydney and finally Adelaide.  I just recently went over the 100,000 mile mark while training for my next set of multi-day races in Athens, NYC and Hungary. I ran my best marathon 2:38:00 at Marine Corps, DC when I was 37. During 1986-87 I lived in Waterford CT and ran my first Boston (total of 6) and New York marathon. I have won 5 small South Australian marathons outright plus the RSA 6-day race in Pretoria over New Year 2013-2014. After completing 100 lifetime race marathons in 2013 (including 26 Adelaide Marathons) I ran the 101st at Marathon du Medoc, France with my eldest daughter running her first. It had 22 wine stops and so at 5:45 was by far my slowest but perhaps the most fun. I am currently in training for my new challenge of multi-day races where the world age group road distance of 762km is within my grasp. In part also because I am Race Director of the first 6-day race in Australia since 2005. So I try to peak between 200-300km (124-186 miles) a week. But I have lost all my marathon speed in the last six months.. On the first race day I expect to run over 100 miles with the aim of reaching around 186km by 48hrs to get a good start for the rest of race. These races are a balance between run/walk/sleep/eating and washing, so having a crew makes a difference (still hoping for help!).