John McCabe has reached 100,000 miles (Dec. 16, 2016)

John McCabe
East Lansing, Michigan
D.O.B. June 25, 1955
McCabe is in center, front row, all black, gray woolen cap.

I started running with an unspectacular High School track career in my hometown of Rockford, Illinois (shout out to Cheap Trick) in 1971, ran a bit to stay in shape in college, and started to get a bit more serious and run road races in grad school.  I started keeping a logbook in late 1980 and that's when I started recording miles.  I was never a super high mileage guy (I've only been over 100 mpw 3 times in all these years) but I've been consistent and have only had one injury that has made me take any significant time off (and that was getting hit by a car in 1992; let me recommend against that particular experience).  

In my 60's, I've settled into a routine of 60-65 miles for two to three consecutive weeks and then a down week of 40-45 miles.  I sprinkle that with regular strides and speed work, generally tempo and fartlek, as I can stand it.  I take days off when I feel like I need them and, for at least the past 30 years, I've taken the last two weeks of the year completely off and start the New Year with a two hour run on January 1st.  

Living in Michigan since 1977, I have frequently run in the same zip code as luminaries like Greg Meyer, Herb Lindsay, Brian Sell and Desi Linden.  They still inspire me but my days of dreaming about running next to them are long gone.  I was a middling performer with bests of 16:03 5K, 26:34 5 mile, 33:06 10K, and 2:42:07 marathon.  

I've qualified for Boston in all 33 marathons I've finished but only run it once (in 2008).  I probably should think about getting back there--it was great.  I've been a member of the Lansing-based Mid Michigan Track Club since about 1981 and owe a lot of the racing success I've had to Tuesday night speed workouts with those folks.

I look at the names on this list and see Olympians, Boston winners, Collegiate Champions, Road Warriors and guys who rocked awesome mustaches in the 80's.  Never did I think my name would be included on any roster with them.  I guess persistence counts for something.