Ken Young has logged 141,17 miles (Dec. 21, 2016)

Ken Young
Petrolia, CA
DOB: 11-9-1941
(Editor's note: Through his work with the Association of Road Race Statisticians and other record-keeping groups, Ken Young has contributed as much or more to American distance running than any other individual. His web sites, and, are astonishing, and contain only a modest percent of the running data he has compiled over the last 50+ years. He ran a marathon PR of 2:25:41 in the 1974 Boston Marathon.)
My life-time total as of yesterday is 141,177 miles. That includes an estimated 4500 miles for high school and college as well as running miles before entering high school. This figure of 4500 is quite conservative since I ran four years of cross and track in high school, including training runs up to a marathon in length.

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