Jonathan Such has run 105,214 lifetime miles (Feb. 8, 2017)

Jonathan Such
UK and Johannesburg
DOB: 2-18-48
I started running fairly late in life in 1974 but after a fairly short introduction to running with Tipton Harriers (where I became friends with Ron Bentley, Bill Carr, and many others)......joined Leamington C and AC  where I became great friends with Cavin Woodward. I emigrated to South Africa in 1976 and now retired spend part of my life in the UK and part in Johannesburg

I reached the total of 100 000 miles on 2nd December 2013 running along the Muscat Corniche in Oman where I was holidaying at the time.

My total stands at 105 214 today 8th February 2017

My personal bests are:
10 km 33 min
10 miles 55 min
21.1 km 1h 12 min
25 km 1h 29 min
32 km (20 miles) 1h 56
42.2 km 2h 30min
40 miles 4h 28 (Isle of Man)
100 miles 17 h 30
I have run 21 Comrades marathons (10 silvers)
200 marathons (99 sub 3 h)
Member of winning team Leamington in 1984 London to Brighton

Jonathan Such (Tipton Harriers, Leamington Cycling and Athletic Club, Vaal Marathon Club and currently Rand Athletic Club)