Michael Georgi has logged 157,460 miles (May 14, 2018)

Michael Georgi 
Honolulu, Hawaii
DOB: August 5, 1952

I started running in high school in 1968 but didn’t record my mileage until I was on active duty with the Marines in 1975. My first marathon was right after high school graduation (3:37 in Santa Barbara). In the 121 marathons I have completed, I set my PR at Honolulu in 1981 with a 2:25:12.

There were 15 marathon victories in island races, including 6 times at Maui in the 1980’s, and I have competed in 15 foreign countries. My log shows over 700 races of varying distances without a single DNF. The two keys to any success I have encountered are avoiding injuries and remaining single. 

Although I am not a registered member of the Running Streaks club ($20 a year for what - a certificate?) I do have a streak of consecutive days of running dating back to Oct 11, 1982, to today (May 14, 2018). Today was my 12,999 th day of doing a minimum of 3 miles, but I have actually averaged 10.2 miles/day. 

I have been coaching cross country and track since 1980 at the high school where I am still employed as an Economics teacher. My races have dropped from about 20 each year down to 7 or 8 as aging takes its inevitable toll. As my racing recedes into memory, I take increased pride in the performances of my school athletes.