Carolyn Mather ran 7921 miles in 2018.

Here's an update from Carolyn Mather, who we believe has run more miles than any other woman. As you'll see below, she now has a lifetime total of 217,942 miles.

We also want to note that in December, Carolyn won her age group (70-74) at the USATF National Club Championships in cross-country. 
Despite my best efforts I ran way too much in 2018. It seems to be the only way I can manage missing my dear husband, but I have made a resolution to cut it at least in half in 2019. The main motivation is that I am not getting faster and an average of 20 plus miles a day is now taking up too much of my waking time. I need to do other things besides run. 

With that said my total for the year was a crazy 7921. I truly promise this was my swan song year for so many miles. That brings my lifetime total to 217942. I am hoping to get to at least a quarter of a million if I live long enough but not any time too soon. 

That makes eight years over 7000 in the past 13 years. It is also my highest total of any year so it is a good time to say goodbye to high mileage.

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