Reggie Moore has reached 100,723 lifetime miles (Jan.1, 2019)

Reggie Moore
Naperville, Ill.
DOB: Aug, 1958
My name is Reggie Moore, age 60 from Naperville, Illinois.  On September 23, 2018, I crossed 100,000 lifetime miles.This fall started my 44th year of full time running which began in my senior of high school cross country,  through four years at Bridgewater College, Virginia (Cross Country and Indoor/Outdoor Track) and then on to a lifetime of running.     

Through my 43 years of running,  I have averaged in excess of 2,300 miles a year running all but a small handful of days each year (0-5 days). During my peak years in my 30s,  I was running over 3,000 miles a year while actively training for 2-3 marathons a year. For the past two years including 2018,  I exceeded 2,500 miles at ages 59 and 60. I have been blessed and fortunate to have a strong body that can withstand daily running with no serious injuries throughout my running career. 

Highlighting several running accomplishments:

  1. 18 of 26 marathons under 3:00,   5 under 2:50,   best marathon of 2:46:17 at Twin Cities Marathon in 1995.
  2. Best marathon moment:   1996 Boston Marathon (100th),   saw Bill Rodgers passing me at top of Heartbreak Hill and ended up tying Bill to the second in a clock time a 2:53.   My net time was faster.    Relayed my dream story to him in person. 
  3. Some running Personal Bests:   5K:  16:38,  10K: 34:52,  Half Marathon:  1:17:12,  25K:  1:32.20.    My 5K, 25K and Marathon bests were all within a span of 6 weeks at age 37.  
  4. Been fortunate to have run with or have tied my running heroes that got me inspired/started:   Bill Rodgers (tied at 1996 Boston), Frank Shorter (solo training run),  and Francie Larrieu Smith (tied at 1996 Peachtree 10K). 

While not at an elite level,  I have been blessed to have had a full and productive running career and have no plans of letting up in my 60s.