Michael Tobin reached 100,000 miles on May 15, 2022

Michael Tobin

Staten Island, NY

DOB:  3/9/1957
When I was a kid I always loved running and biking.  In the 1970s I started doing local road races and in 1991 began my running log.  In my log I note the weather, where I ran, if I ran with anyone and anything unusual that may have happened that day.  When I ran a race I would record the location of the race, time and pace on the back of the bib.

Long distance running has been an adventure and I’ve enjoyed every step along the way.  With the support of my wife Kathy, my two children, along with my running club, Broadway Ultra Society, on May 15, 2022 I was extremely fortunate to have completed my 100,000 logged mile. My best year was 5,500 miles and to date I have completed 179 marathons and ultra marathons. My PR for the marathon is 3:20 at the New York City Marathon in ‘97 which I ran 19 times.  I have run several hundred milers - including Vermont 100 which I finished in 24:23, and other hundred milers put on by the Broadway Ultra Society.  It is an honor to be included on this list.  Healthy running and on to the next 100K !!