Dr. Herbert L. Fred has 239,585 lifetime miles (Mar. 1, 2010)

Dr. Herbert L. Fred
Houston, TX
DOB: June, 1929
Amby writes: I was very skeptical of this man and this total before today, but then I had a long phone conversation with Dr. Fred, and am now 99.9 percent sure he is legit. At 79 years, 7 months, he's still teaching medicine full-time and running 12 miles a day (all of it on a treadmill at 12:00 pace, "quite comfortable," he says.) Dr. Fred has a marathon PR of 3:07 way back when, and a best 100 mile performance of 17 hours. I don't have time for more details now, but will fill them in later. I'm prepared to call him the world-record holder for lifetime miles in the U.S., perhaps worldwide.
You can read more about him here. He updates his lifetime total every month at the very bottom of his "Biography" page. And see our Photo Page, here.