Michael John Schlater ran his 100,000th mile on October 21, 2022

Michael John Schlater

Brownsville, Texas

DOB: January, 1967
I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and attended Carroll High School. Ran track and cross country, earning 8 varsity letters. I began recording mileage on February 23, 1981.

Attended General Motors Institute in Flint, Michigan on academic scholarship. Educated as Electrical / Manufacturing Engineer and a MSMM in Engineering Management.

Went to Matamoros, Mexico In March, 1988 for 3 month work assignment and have been there ever since. I have worked for same company (APTIV) during entire 37 year career and have never missed a scheduled workday

Self-coached for many years, running in numerous local road races in Rio Grande Valley area:

Personal bests:
        1 mile        4:20
        2 miles      9:28
        3 miles     14:21
        5k             14:52
        5 miles      25:41
        10k           32:07

I also ran 4:43 mile as a 41 year old Master and 4:58 at age 48.

I have missed only 8 days of running since 1985, and own a current streak of running at least 5k per day since September 12, 2001, meaning that the last day missed was the 9/11/2001 where work responsibilities did not allow a run that day.

I have coached cross-country and track at Saint Joseph Academy in Brownsville, Texas since 2008, and run with the student-athletes during every practice.